about Saryu Dalal

Saryu has been championing yoga, breathing techniques and energy healing practices for over 20 years. Before she embarked on her journey to become a master life coach, leadership trainer and energy psychologist, she held various executive positions in Finance and Management in global corporations. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics from North Eastern University.

Saryu’s experience in the corporate world and her practice as an energy psychologist, gives her an in-depth understanding of individuals from all walks of life. She has been championing yoga, breathing techniques and energy healing practices for over 20 years. She deploys her skills, life experiences and her healing toolbox, to guide teams and Individuals looking to create positive and lasting change in their careers, relationships, health and personal fulfillment. She has taught workshops internationally across countries including Bahamas, Columbia, India, Kuwait, England, Panama, Venezuela, Canada and USA. She supports her clients in tapping into their own wisdom so that they can move past their own sabotaging beliefs, patterns, habits and suppressed emotions.

Her unfathomable energy comes from yoga, meditation, her community and her passion for her work. Saryu is excited to partner with you in your journey of self-transformation.

Saryu has been trained in Franklin Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, DDI Management Training and Emotional Intelligence. She is a certified Hypnotherapist and practitioner of Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Theta Healing, I.E.T. and Bars and is an Advanced PSYCH-K Practitioner.

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I live in Philadelphia and I have clients all across USA as well as internationally. Please fill up the form below for a complimentary 20-min on-phone coaching to get you started. I am open to collaborations and spiritual partnerships with like-minded professionals.

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